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Welcome to The Shadowbanes of Eldar
a Lord of The Rings Online Kinship.

We are a relatively small, yet long established Kinship, who's primary goal is to enjoy the atmosphere and community that Lotro offers. Founded in July 2007 we are a friendly and relaxed kinship for mature players who are young at heart.

Not being a hardcore endgame raiding kin, we are much more interested in what is over the next rise or across that river, than the latest piece of uber loot. We are just as likely to be found admiring the sunrise over Lake Evendim, as we are teaching a Troll the error of their ways.

Our chat channel is full of friendly banter and advice, whether it be about questing, crafting or who sold that Mithril Flake to the vendor by mistake. Real life commitments do of course take precedence, so we welcome your company when you are online rather than hassle you for being behind on your gaming quota.

The Shadowbanes reside at 5 Waterbank Road, Tund Loriel, Falathlorn Homesteads
feel free to come visit us and look around.

Ode to The SB's    

The Shadowbanes

As evening fell and time stood still, the kin they made no sound
Creeping through dark Mirkwood, feet silent on the ground
The hunters bows poised ready should any foe attack
The guardians leading out the raid and healers falling back

Suddenly the silence stops and then all hell breaks out
Orcs spring out from nowhere, "kill them all" they shout
The champions swords swing many times their blades all striking true
The enemy lie at their feet, the many slaughtered by the few

As Shadowbanes victoriously have slayed the orcs they hate
The ground is strewn with bodies of the beasts who met their fate
Too many times the enemy have tried to bring them down
But these galant men remain steadfast, brave men of great renown

They raise their swords up to the skies to offer up a cheer
And pledge defence of the Middle Earth and all that it holds dear
And standing strong together, they’ve lead their mighty men
The Shadowbanes, the bane of orcs have won the day again

Many thx to the wonderful Malvina.

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